Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Jindo Sea parting Festival, which is set to kick off on March 20th and continue until March 23rd, 2015, is a unique event where people can witness the Korean version of Moses’ miracle.

Major Festival Programs

Jindo Dog Show & Jindo Hongju (traditional red liquor)

Jindo Hongju is a traditional liquor made with a mixture of steamed barley, rice and nuruk yeast, a traditional starter. After 10-15 days of fermentation, the mixture is placed in a cauldron and heated to about 60 degrees Celsius. The resulting liquor is then passed through sliced roots of jicho (a perennial plant known for its medicinal properties), which gives the drink its distinct red color.

Jindo Sea Parting Festival

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The parting of the sea

The Jindo festival is special for not only offering exciting and wondrous natural sight to behold, but also includes attractions abounding in culture and originality. The festival’s side events include a folklore music concert, various street performances and artistic exhibitions. In addition, be sure to try the delicacies only found during the event period along with freshly caught sea foods prepared to your order!

Yukhoe bibimbap

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Recommended Jindo Specialties

Yukhoe bibimbap, or beef tartare bibimbap, is bibimbap topped with seasoned raw beef. The dish uses hanu beef, a high-grade beef derived from native Korean cattle. Since yukhoe uses raw beef, it is essential that the beef be as fresh as possible. There is also a cooked beef version of this dish for those who do not feel comfortable eating raw meat. A bowl of yukhoe bibimbap costs around 10,000 won.

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