Chinese Noodles

Chinese Noodle

Chinese noodles vary in width. They can be thin as needles, or thick as chopsticks. However, when it comes to length, they are usually served long and uncut. This is because long noodles are a symbol of longevity in Chinese tradition. Thus, during birthday celebrations, people will serve “longevity noodles” hoping for longevity.

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How They’re Made

Chinese noodles are generally made from wheat flour, rice flour, or types of starches, such as mung bean starch. Wheat flour noodles are commonly produced and consumed in North China, while rice flour noodles are more typical in South China.

Regional Noodle Specialties

Chinese Noodle

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Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodles With Beef

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles with beef are also known as “Lanzhou beef noodles,” and are one of the most common dishes in the local area. Visitors can feast on them at every corner of the city. The noodle is handmade, and it takes an experienced cook only one or two minutes to stretch the dough into many needle-thin noodles.

A bowl of noodle

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Beijing Zhajiangmian

Beijing zhajiangmian, or soy bean paste noodles, are a staple dish in the capital, and one of the cheapest dishes to get. They are available at most restaurants serving Beijing-style food and snacks, or from smaller noodle restaurants scattered in Beijing’s many alleys. These noodles are also available on many of Beijing’s food streets. The dish is relatively simple: noodles (of the thin, square variety made of wheat), soy bean paste, a little bit of pork in the soy bean paste topped off with cucumber.